AeroWX – The AWOS For All Airports

For a pilot, knowing the weather is important to trip planning, and the safety of flight. For airports, safer pilots lead to safer airports. And, while local pilots have a sense of macro weather trends, visiting pilots will have more confidence in planning a visit. Large airports have AWOS systems, but their cost is prohibitive for most small airports.

AeroWX is a complete airport weather solution that’s cost-effective for even the smallest airports, including municipal and private fields. It enhances the safety of air operations at and near your airport by providing pilots with the weather information they need to make important decisions.

Cost Effective, Reliable, & Maintainable

Unlike other airport weather solutions, AeroWX is primarily assembled from commercial off-the-shelf parts, which drives down costs and increases maintainability. In many cases if something breaks we can ship you a replacement part directly from Amazon! With AeroWX’s modular design you can swap out user-replaceable parts and get your weather observations back within minutes.


Current weather is important to the safety of flight operations. Pilots with access to one-minute weather, including ceiling, make better decisions about departures and arrivals. Current wind conditions enhance landing safety. Like other AWOS’, AeroWX can broadcast customizable informational messages about airport conditions and hazards.


The magic of AeroWX is in the software -- several independent servers run continuously to monitor the weather sensors, cross-check the sensor output, compile weather observations, interact with the UNICOM radio, and send the observations to the internet, including Weather Underground and our own one-minute weather web server.


AeroWX is built with a modular design and modern programming techniques to enable upgradability. Like a smartphone, AeroWX will silently download bug fixes and new features. The software is continually updated -- your weather system will be even more useful in the future than the day you installed it!

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